Things I See in Church Faith Folder

Things I See in Church Faith Folder
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The Things I See in Church Faith Folder

This Faith Folder covers the many things we see in a Catholic Church. Why they are there and what they mean, how they are a part of our Faith. This Faith Folder explores the windows and statues, the furniture, the colors and even the dishes seen in the Church and used during Mass. It even features a "My Little Book of Church Manners" book. 

This Faith Folder features an inserted page and back cover with a pocket for storing books about Church Manners, the Mass and even prayer books and holy cards. There are 17 mini-books included with this Faith Folder. 

Several options are included for the various books. The activities are easily adapted for a variety of age levels. The Faith Folder is also easily adaptable to allow for personalization and creative style. 


  • Decorative Front Cover
  • "Candles" Oval Fanned Pages Book
  • "Stained Glass Windows and Statues" Tri-Fold Arch Book
  • "Special Furniture in Church" Alternating Folds Rectangle Book
  • "Water" Shell Shape Book
  • "Special Books in Church" Scroll Shape Book
  • "Special Dishes in Church" Octagon Unfolding Book
  • "The Colors I See in Church" Multiple Tabs Book
  • "The Clothes Father Wears" Open-Up Book Set
  • "The Real Presence of Jesus" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Sacristy" Open the Doors Book
  • "The Confessional" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Processional Cross, The Crucifix and The Stations of the Cross" Triple-Decker Book Set
  • "My Little Book of Church Manners" Book
  • Back Cover with Storage Pocket
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Sample Pictures
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