Sacrament of Confirmation Faith Folder

Sacrament of Confirmation Faith Folder
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The Sacrament of Confirmation Faith Folder

This Faith Folder explores the Sacrament of Confirmation and is the third sacrament to be featured in a Faith Folder. Vocabulary and signs related to the sacrament, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and the ceremony of Confirmation and much more are covered in this Faith Folder. 

In addition to explaining the details of the sacrament this Faith Folder emphasizes Confirmation as the completion of Baptism and the strengthening through the Holy Spirit for a spiritual battle for souls. Through Confirmation we become soldier for Christ and His Church. There are opportunities for reflection on one's own faith and how each of us can learn more and better defend the Faith. A memory book for Confirmation is also included. 

This Faith Folder will serve as an excellent sacramental preparation aide but also is useful for those who have already received the sacrament and those who will in the future. All of the components can be easily adapted toward a variety of ages and learning levels and a variety of options are offered for each component. 


  • Decorative Front and Back Covers
  • "Confirmation Vocabulary" File Folder Shape Book
  • "Pentecost" Open the Doors Book
  • "Preparing for Confirmation" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Confirmation Ceremony" Tri-Fold Arch Book
  • "The Fruits of the Holy Spirit" Multiple Flaps Book
  • "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit" Graduated Pages Book
  • "Soldier for Christ" Rectangle Book
  • "Weapons for the Battle" Triple Folding Book
  • "Confirmation Questions" Q&A Book
  • "The Sign of Anointing" Open-Up Book
  • "Scriptural Tradition" Triangle Book
  • "Early Defenders" Triangle Book
  • "The Holy Spirit" Triangle to Circle Book
  • "Confirmation Prayers" Pocket & Prayer Cards Set
  • "Defending the Faith" Fanned Pages Book
  • "My Confirmation" Memory Book
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Sample Pictures
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