Pope Francis Faith Folder

Pope Francis Faith Folder
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Habemus Papam! Pope Francis Faith Folder

This Faith Folder covers our newly elected Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. This Faith Folder includes information about his life prior to being elected the Vicar of Christ as well as some of the early days of his papacy. 

There is also information about his papal garments, motto and much more. This Faith Folder is by no means an exhaustive biography on the Holy Father but rather highlights some of the main points. This Faith Folder was published and released just two weeks into his papacy so much more could be added as time goes on. 

The activities and components can be easily adapted to fit a range of age and learning levels. Several options for each component are included. This Faith Folder is also easily personalized to showcase the creativity of the individual child. 


  • Front & Back Covers
  • Pope Francis Timeline
  • A Pope of Firsts Pentagon Book
  • St. Francis of Assisi Open the Doors Book
  • Papal Coat of Arms and Motto Pick-a-Tab Book
  • The Fisherman's Ring, The Pallium and The Pectoral Cross Open-Up Book Set
  • Papal Wear Graduated Pages Book
  • The Work of Jorge Maria Bergoglio: Jesuit Priest, Bishop and Cardinal Square Fold-Up Book
  • Words of Pope Francis Fanned Pages Book
  • Interesting Facts Unfolding Rectangle Book
  • Early Speeches Diamond Folding Book
  • Pope Francis' First Blessings and Masses Pocket and Cards Set
  • Meeting of Two Popes Hexagon Book
  • Assembly Intructions
  • Sample Pictures
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