Lent Faith Folder

Lent Faith Folder
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Lent: A Journey Toward Easter Double Faith Folder

This double Faith Folder covers the season of Lent and the many customs and practices that are a part of the Catholic tradition. A great tool to use from Ash Wednesday, during Holy Week and on Easter to better prepare the heart to celebrate the joy of Christ's Resurrection. 

This double Faith Folder includes decorative front and back covers and Lenten calendars for keeping track of sacrifices, good deeds and faith practices. Topics covered in this Faith Folder include the history of Lent, common practices, saints, terminology, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, the days of Holy Week and much more. 

Several options are included for the various books. The activities are easily adapted for a variety of age levels. The Faith Folder is also easily adaptable to allow for personalization and creative style. 


  • Decorative Front Cover
  • "The History of Lent in the Catholic Church" Book
  • "Words We Hear During Lent" Folder Book
  • "Lenten Customs" Open-Up Book Set
  • "Ash Wednesday" Unfolding Rectangle Book
  • "Palm Sunday" Palm Branch Shape Book
  • "Triduum" Triple-Decker Book
  • "Growing Spiritually With Common Lenten Practices" Multiple Tabs Book
  • "Stations of the Cross" Graduated Pages Book
  • "Confession" Pocket with Cards
  • "Scripture and Prayers for the Days of Lent" Book Set with Pocket
  • "Saints of the Lenten Season" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "Lenten Calendar Count Down"
  • "Questions and Answers About Lent" Pick-a-Flap Book
  • "My Lenten Commitments" List
  • "My Lenten Tree of Spiritual Growth" Back Cover
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Sample Pictures
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