Catholic Prayers Faith Folder

Catholic Prayers Faith Folder
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Catholic Prayers: Lifting Our Minds & Hearts to God Double Faith Folder

This double Faith Folder explores the traditional prayers of the Catholic Faith. The Catholic Prayers Faith Folder covers a wide variety of beloved Catholic prayers as well as the different forms of prayer. 

This double Faith Folder contains a prayer card set, 25 mini-books and beautiful front and back covers. The various books can be easily adapted to fit a range of age and learning levels. This Faith Folder is also easily personalized to showcase the creativity of the individual child. 


  • Front & Back Covers
  • Prayer Cards with Pockets
  • "Sign of the Cross" Oval Fanned-Pages Book
  • "Our Father" Bible Shape Book
  • "Apostles' Creed" Scroll
  • "Stations of the Cross" Graduated-Pages Book
  • "Holy Rosary" Graduated-Pages Book
  • "Glory Be to the Father" Shamrock Shape Book
  • "Angel of God" Angel Shape Book
  • "Morning & Night Prayers" Child in Prayer Shape Book
  • "Mealtime Prayers" Square Unfolding Book
  • "Prayer for Vocations" Pentagon-Pages Book
  • "Prayer for Priests" Pentagon-Pages Book
  • "Marian Devotions" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "Holy Family" Tri-fold Arch Book
  • "Saints Francis, Therese & Michael the Archangel" Pick-a-Flap Book
  • "Divine Mercy Chaplet" Hexagon Unfolding Book
  • "Act of Faith" Open-Up Book
  • "Act of Hope" Open-Up Book
  • "Act of Love" Open-Up Book
  • "Communion Prayers" Rectangle Unfolding Book
  • "Divine Praises, Anima Christi & Prayer Before a Crucifix" Triple Decker Book
  • "Child's Prayer for Parents" Heart Shape Book
  • "My Fingers Show Me How to Pray" Hand Shape Book
  • "Prayer is at the Heart of Life" Circle
  • "Praying" Multiple Tabs Book
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Sample Pictures
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